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US VC and Emerging Business Team, Windows Applications

Microsoft Corporation

Dave Drach works with emerging companies building all kinds of solutions, from integrations with Microsoft’s Dynamics solutions to completely new, visionary applications. Dave helps these new companies develop the technology, business models, and product strategies to make them successful. Dave has many deep relationships across the product teams from over 5 years of development management at Microsoft and years of experience working with Microsoft.

Previous to this role Dave Drach was the Product Unit Manager (V.P., CTO) of FRx Software, a wholly owned division of Microsoft specializing in financial reporting and analytics solutions. Dave has been delivering business systems for over 20 years with experience in creating products ranging from development tools to budgeting solutions. Dave was previously with Boeing Computer Services, Ernst and Young and Great Plains before joining Microsoft. Dave holds a graduate degree in business and information technology from Carnegie Mellon University, and an undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Colorado.